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November: A Month of Chaos

Since this is posted the day before Thanksgiving, I should be thankful for all that we have—and I am, but allow me to vent and whine a li’l bit, lol. November has been a crazy month at my house. I’m not going to talk about the holiday, although it certainly doesn’t help matters much. I’m speaking of this weird time of year, this stretch of weeks where if sh** is going to happen, it does.

First, we have two drilled wells and both went dry two weeks ago. Oh, sure, the wells gradually replenish the water from the water table, but it takes time. It has been so dry in this region that we almost go out and set off fireworks to celebrate when it rains.  However, the ground sucks up the water so the wells, cisterns, and springs go without. As a result, it has been two weeks of recycling water. Do the dishes, dip the water out in a bucket and use it to flush the toilet. Give the baby a bath in the long, rectangular laundry room sink and dip the water out into the same bucket for more flushing water… Gah. I thought I left that life behind at the old house we moved out of! Country life is awesome, but it can have its PITA moments too.

Doing laundry has been a matter of hauling water out of the milk house in a big, rubber watering trough the hubby put in the mini trailer. I fill the wringer washer and spend all day doing laundry. At the laundromat it’s $6 for a big washer and 25 cents for 6 minutes of dryer time, so although doing laundry like this is exhausting, there are six of us under this roof and a couple more who hang out here from time to time. The laundromat is a money sucker.

What else has happened?

As the hubby was driving up the hill that leads to his workplace, the rear end went out of the pickup. Normally when this happens, you begin hearing grinding and clunking in the rear end before it gives out. Not for us. Oh, no. He makes the turn, starts up the hill and suddenly the truck stops and refuses to move. So that resulted in a towing bill for the last 150 yards to the welding shop!

Next we have our youngest who has been sick so much since he’s started kindergarten it’s unreal. However, except for a bad ear infection, all the other doctors have been treating him for allergies since his doctor retired after the ear infection visit. The high fevers he’s had have resulted in two trips to the ER too. Finally, the dr. on duty this last trip did chest x-rays to discover my li’l guy had the onset of pneumonia. And yes, he’s doing fine now after a round of good antibiotics.

Follow this up with my hubby getting nominated to appear for jury duty from January through April. That has us scared silly because if the judge doesn’t excuse him from this, we have no other income and minimum wage as a juror isn’t going to cover the bills. My dad says that the employer now has to cover the difference in wages while the juror is on duty, but I’m not holding my breath. Our luck sucks.

Next, as my hubby took my Cougar up to Beallsville to get a few groceries, he was on his way home, went into the big turn that leads out of the li’l village and the back brakes went out of my car. No, he didn’t wreck, but he had to baby the car all the way home. Now remember, the rear end is out of the truck, so the one vehicle we had was off the road now too.

So, that Saturday afternoon, he lay on the wet, cold carport working on the car. Two days later, he comes down sick with a 104.2 fever, vomiting and the works. The following morning, the fever broke, and he made himself go to work because we’re already struggling in this economy and barely getting by. Missing work is NOT an option right now. I worried all day about him. When he came home that night, he tells me that his employer is making all employees take a mandatory day off. This is the third one they’ve been given because business has been slow or they’ve been waiting for companies to send equipment in for repair that hasn’t arrived yet.

It felt like the rug had been ripped out from under us.

Finally, this week rolls around and the hubby is back to work for three days and looking forward to two days of paid holiday time.


The employer informs everyone that they will only be paid for Thanksgiving Day and not Friday thisyear.

So, since I’ve been on hiatus from a lot of online business, this is what I’ve been dealing with as I try to meet writing deadlines. And it seems like September through January of every year we go through something like this. Don’t get me wrong, others are complaining of similar things, too, so I know it’s not just the Bicknell-Brown family, but can’t I just skip Thanksgiving and Christmas and just go straight to New Year’s?


2 responses

  1. Ah, Faith, that’s harsh. And yet the economy is improving. Don’t you see it?

    BTW, look for a package to arrive some time next week, maybe sooner. Just a little something to cheer you up on your birthday. 🙂 I forgot to include a note with it. (sigh)

    November 24, 2010 at 5:15

  2. Ack! You said a dirty word: birthday! LOLOL!

    Regardless, you never forget my birthday. Thank you, hon. ♥

    November 24, 2010 at 5:15

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