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A tip of the hat to the old, and a glass of bubbly for the new…

It’s been a very tumultuous year for me, filled with a great deal of writing prospects but also a lot of personal ups and downs. I’ve learned an awful lot in the way of what it means to have courage, being true to yourself, and doing the right thing. It’s been said that courage isn’t about not having fear, but being afraid and doing what must be done anyway. I’ve been through much of that this past year, and while it never gets any easier I find that it’s better to do so than live with regrets on your conscience for the rest of your days.

As we turn the page to a new year and a shiny new decade, I think of my gains as well as my losses: new contracts, including one that will land me in the bookstore in addition to more releases in the ebook world, my successes in my workout program, my walking the full 39.3 miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, my blogathon on behalf of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and my new job which has treated me well and hopefully will continue to do so in the months (and hopefully years) to come. My primary career is software engineering, which can be a very volatile field especially in today’s economy. I have been most fortunate to land what appears thus far to be a stable job and one which I actually enjoy.

While I don’t doubt that I won’t be looking upon 2010 very fondly, I think when I do it will be more bittersweet than bitter–and that’s not a bad thing in the long run.

Whatever you do and however you choose, remember to be yourself, cherish those whom you love, and live every day with mindfulness. No regrets, only with respect to your heart and yourself. And if you can think of any other pearls of wisdom, jokes, and thoughts to pass on to others for the New Year, post them in the comments. Inspire us all and remind yourself of what’s important.


Happy New Year, all. ❤



Love  & Magic,
Adrianne Brennan


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  1. Wonderful outlook, Adrianne!

    January 11, 2011 at 5:15

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