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The groundhog can’t see his shadow cause he’s buried in SNOW…

I hail from New England, famous–no, wait, infamous–for its winters. This one has been the exception, however. Between the single digit temperatures and about 5 or so major nor’easters and blizzards to hit us, we are, shall I say, buried.

For people who love the cold and enjoy skiing, this must be a blast for them. For those who struggle in limited to no sunlight and cold weather to keep our energy up, sleep well, and generally get through the day this is hell. Some us the expression “a snowball’s chance in hell” but for me, hell is already a frozen tundra. There is no heat and sun in hell, only freezing fucking cold weather and darkness.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) isn’t a nice condition for one living here in the northeast, nor is having allergy-induced asthma aggravated by the chilly dry air. I survive through eating a very clean diet, exercising, using my inhaler preemptively, and using a dawn simulator alarm clock as light therapy. I also plan a trip to Florida around mid-winter every year to soak up as much sunlight and warmth as I can to get me through the rest of the winter.

On a side note, I do find that my writing helps along with getting involved in positive projects. I just had a book release in an anthology whose proceeds go to provide art supplies and training for battered women’s shelters. I do my best not to “plug” stuff on here, but this is a worthy charitable cause and I hope you will consider supporting it:

For those of you who hate this time of year, what are some of your coping strategies? Do you find that some things work better than others? Or do you simply recommend selling your homes and moving south to better climates? 😀

Also, if the groundhog is buried in snow, it usually means six more months of winter, not weeks. 😉


Love & Magic,


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