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It’s not easy being green…

Today is my birthday! And while that may be awesome (and it is), today is also known as Earth Day. It’s great that environmentalism and its awareness gets a day per year, but in reality it should be every day, all year round.

Some people have pointed out that ereaders are very environmentally friendly as they save on paper and therefore trees. Others are very happy to swap books versus buy them new in stores. However way  you slice it, “going green” affects everything we do and our daily lives in general. It’s part of being mindful that our resources on this planet are not infinite.

What are some of your favorite ways to go green?Any tips you want to share?

Love & Magic,


No joke, I’m sick of winter.

The April Fool’s Day joke is on us here in the Northeast. If I even have to LOOK at snow again, I will scream–but there is it, a nice coating at the stuff all over the lawn, car, driveway, roads…what gives?

I want sun. Warm weather. And the ability to walk down the road without taking those careful, careful steps you take when you know there’s probably ice underneath your feet.

I’ve had enough. NO MORE. I am going to create a petition to abolish all snow. With the exception of a nice, light coating on Christmas Day, it’s time we took a stand against this oppressive weather.

So who’s with me??

Love & Magic,

News Oversaturation, or Why I Really Just Don’t Care.

Today in my blog post I bring you this important announcement:

I really don’t care about celebrities. Or the latest celebrity news and gossip. I don’t care what Charlie Sheen is doing, what he’s said lately, and quite frankly the world would be far, far better off without giving him his fifteen minutes of fame over and over again. Ditto with Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and numerous other famous people who get off from opening their mouths, inserting their foots, and repeating while mysterious sources of money and fame pour in as a result of them doing so.

While people are critiquing Snooki and the Jersey Shore, a show I’ve never seen and much sooner would watch paint dry, there are people dying in Libya, others exercising their rights as American citizens in the labor protests in Wisconsin, and the oil spill which is still damaging our waters and killing off sea life has been relegated to yesterday’s news. Oh, did I mention that Egypt got its groove back?

We are oversaturated with faux news, and it is stunting our ability to know what’s going on in the world and what truly matters. As much as people find the latest saga of “As the Celebrities’ Heads Turn Like In the Exorcist Movie” entertaining, there are much better ways of finding amusement. Go read a good book, I understand those of us here have several new ones out (wink wink, nudge nudge). Go watch a movie, take a walk outside, or do some writing yourself. When the news media stops making money from putting Britney Spears on page one while major events which affect our daily lives are being pushed to page twenty, we’ll start seeing real information flowing once more. Better yet, those of us who find some of these celebrities annoying at best will get a decided relief from their crazy.

And I bet some of you had completely forgotten about the oil spill until I brought it up. 😉



Love & Magic,

Change, it’s not always bad

It’s funny how life works. I went to my last job thinking it was my dream job, was loving it and excited.

Then the hours piled on, and I was getting home at 10pm at night–on a regular basis. I hurt the tendons that connect to my thumb while shoveling, and it meant doctor visits and leaving “early”, early being 6pm. They didn’t like that too much. Then I took the two day vacation they knew about from the start, came back to work after…and was let go without severance.

Some days later and tons of interviews after, I got two offers and accepted one yesterday. I am praying it will mean a return to normal work hours, to being able to have a life, write, and generally produce much less stress. It already means more money, which in this economy is a good thing.

Change, after all, is sometimes good–even if on the onset it appears to be stress and the worst thing ever.

What changes have happened in your life which were tumultuous at first but later turned out to be a blessing? I’d love to hear from you.


Love & Magic,

The groundhog can’t see his shadow cause he’s buried in SNOW…

I hail from New England, famous–no, wait, infamous–for its winters. This one has been the exception, however. Between the single digit temperatures and about 5 or so major nor’easters and blizzards to hit us, we are, shall I say, buried.

For people who love the cold and enjoy skiing, this must be a blast for them. For those who struggle in limited to no sunlight and cold weather to keep our energy up, sleep well, and generally get through the day this is hell. Some us the expression “a snowball’s chance in hell” but for me, hell is already a frozen tundra. There is no heat and sun in hell, only freezing fucking cold weather and darkness.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) isn’t a nice condition for one living here in the northeast, nor is having allergy-induced asthma aggravated by the chilly dry air. I survive through eating a very clean diet, exercising, using my inhaler preemptively, and using a dawn simulator alarm clock as light therapy. I also plan a trip to Florida around mid-winter every year to soak up as much sunlight and warmth as I can to get me through the rest of the winter.

On a side note, I do find that my writing helps along with getting involved in positive projects. I just had a book release in an anthology whose proceeds go to provide art supplies and training for battered women’s shelters. I do my best not to “plug” stuff on here, but this is a worthy charitable cause and I hope you will consider supporting it:

For those of you who hate this time of year, what are some of your coping strategies? Do you find that some things work better than others? Or do you simply recommend selling your homes and moving south to better climates? 😀

Also, if the groundhog is buried in snow, it usually means six more months of winter, not weeks. 😉


Love & Magic,

All works out in the end…

At the beginning of this month, I talked about life changes and upheavals. I also promised an update. Well, here goes…the dream job I had interviewed for? As I write this blog, I’m actually there! After getting laid off I was given a fantastic with a pay increase two days later, started working there after a week off. Not all change is bad, and sometimes a shakeup which can be stressful can lead to good things. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all things were like that? Sometimes yes, they are. Once again, I have a job I actually look forward going into the office for. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you, too. So happy Friday, all!

Those of you wondering where this leaves me with my writing, no worries! I have four upcoming releases, two of which are in the month of February. One is another anthology for a charitable project called Dreams and Desires, vol 4, and it’s with Freya’s Bower. My story is a paranormal erotic romance, leaning to the sweet but not without passion! It’s called Catch the Touch of Blue and it is out on Feb 1st. I also have a f/f science fiction erotic romance called Pisces out in the Sapphic Signs series with Torquere Press. That will be out on Feb 14th. Check back on Pisces in a few days; the cover art is underway! And it’s gorgeous… 😀

More about Catch the Touch of Blue here:


So all of that stress, pressure, and craziness? It led to good things. Busy things, but good things! Things have a way of working out, and I’ll leave you this Friday with that thought. Stay classy, everyone…



Love & Magic,

New Year, new…well, everything

It’s funny how the new year, in spite of all it merely being a number, can have the potential to change so much in one’s life. Has anyone else besides me found that it’s brought about an upheaval in their life, or is it just me? Some of you may remember my blog post from New Year’s Eve on how challenging I personally found 2010 to be, and how I wondered what 2011 would hold for me.

Change is not always bad. It is stressful, but sometimes deep down, it’s something we anticipated. We read the writing on the wall, so to speak, or the little voice in our heads whispered to us as we slept. Such as it was for me. As I type this, I am speaking as one of the newly unemployed. I was laid off on Wednesday (no shock, just disappointment) but as luck would have it, a recruiter caught my update to my profile and I was on a job interview that afternoon. Today I have my final interview with that company. My experience may not be typical, but it’s definitely proof that the economy is getting stronger. I have lost track of how many places I’ve been submitted to and yesterday morning my phone was ringing off the hook–and I hadn’t even put my resume up online yet.

Some of you may still be nervous and struggling, wondering what the future holds. I came into the New Year with both apprehension and pessimism and hope to leave it with a sense of accomplishment and thankfulness. It’s my hope that all of you will do the same.

I hope with my next blog post that I have good news for you all. In addition, I’d like to hear some of your good news too. Boast and cheer in the comments, please! One person’s triumph is another’s ray of hope that we too can achieve the best in life.



Love & Magic,