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Frozen Shoulder?!

Does anyone know what that means? I didn’t until searching online and talking more with my chiropractor.  My shoulder’s been stiff, sore and achy for over three months now. I can’t lift my arm over shoulder high, out to the side or behind my back. The strange thing is… I don’t remember injuring it in any way. No slips or falls, jerks or hard knocks.

Tuesday was my first visit with Dr. Sawyer. After a few X-rays, his verdict was that vertebra’s C3-C6 were rotated in the wrong direction, (that’s the neck area) plus a pinched nerve between C5 and 6, and a frozen shoulder. After he’d manipulated my body, contorting me in all direction for about thirty minutes, I made another appointment for Thursday. Confused by what a frozen shoulder was, I went home and following orders, applied ice packs to the inflamed area. A hard thing to do when it’s cold outside, but this had been going on for so long, I’m willing to try anything. My shoulder and elbow are swollen, the ache, bone deep with a burning sensation running all the way to my fingertips.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter, Shannon went back with me. She moaned and groaned the whole time the doc adjusted me. You’d think she was the one being tortured. Lol. When he’d done his thing, I finally asked him to explain what frozen shoulder was? His answer, “Your arm is pretty much dislocated and only barely hanging in the socket. Guess you could say I had a light bulb moment. All the pain and agony made sense, the constriction of movement.  Relief flooded through me. I had feared it was rotor cuff issues.

Although painful, this is good news. It could be worse, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I got myself into this shape. I’ve been told that sometimes this happens for no apparent reason, and then other times, the condition is due to traumatic injury. All I can do is pray the manipulations work. If not, my next option is manipulation of the shoulder under anesthesia to relocate the ball and socket to its proper place. Although I’m getting no instant relief and the route I’ve chosen is  a bit painful, I’d rather try the slow and gentle way first, as thoughts of being put to sleep scare me.

Sort of cuts down on computer time, which is why my blog post is so late, housecleaning is on hold, so is fixing my hair until I’m back to normal. Lol. And, with the weather finally breaking, I need to be outside working and soaking in the sunshine to combat all the depression I’ve experienced since these issues started.

Thanks for letting me vent, guys! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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Caileaan, descendent of the Sidhe, ancient gods of Eire, the Tuatha De Danann, longs to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side by side with a husband, birth his children, know what it is to be loved and alive as one with humans.

In a battle of darkness and light, will the evil Fomhoire destroy the promise made to Caileaan along with her world as she knows it?  Or will Liam, using his newfound powers, rein triumphant, winning his heart’s desire in the process?

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Beautiful, But Deadly…

First off, I’d like to wish my son, Dusty a ! We’ve been busy celebrating so I’m a bit late getting my post out. Sorry for that, but here he is with his son, Trevor.  Gah, my kids are making me feel old!

Okay, now on with my post….

In North Alabama,  winter temps average around 40 degrees, give or take a cold snap or two. This year has been bizarre. We’ve had snowfall twice already. Once on December 25th, and although it was only about three inches, I loved it. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wished for a White Christmas and finally got one this year. But last week’s snowfall, as beautiful as it was, is a different story. With eight inches on the ground, our area was at a standstill. No work for a few days and no school for a week. I didn’t leave the house for eight days!

Can we say “stir crazy?”

Okay, I’ll admit, we loved it for about two days, and then I wanted it gone.  Morgan, Jackie and I played a bit, made a couple snowmen, walked around taking pics and throwing snowballs. The next day it grew bitterly cold.

Can we say, “Brr?!”

Too cold for Morgan to go out and play, for sure. We don’t have clothes for this type weather, or boots. And me? Living in the south my whole life, the blood is a little thin. Lol. All I wanted to do is hibernate.

From the photos you can tell it was beautiful, but even beauty can be deadly. The third day, Morgan and Madison, my niece, who I was babysitting, wanted to play outside. We have a pond in our front yard, so I warned them to stay close to the house, play around the snowmen, and not go near the water. I kept watch on them through the window. Satisfied that they were following orders, I settled into my chair to check a few email and…

BAM! BAM! BAM! A frantic knock on the front window vibrates the wall, and sends me scurrying.

Morgan screams, “The puppy fell through the ice!”

I look out, and, OH. MY. God. The pond had frozen days ago, and the night before, we’d had an additional half inch of snow. Katie, our seven month old pup is floundering in the middle of the pond in an attempt to keep her head above water. The ice had thinned toward the middle, cracking under her weight. The only thing I can figure is, when she ventured onto the ice she’d thought she was walking on solid ground.

In a panic, I screamed for hubby. He flies out the door, runs this way and that, trying to find a way to save her. It’s early, and still in my PJ’s, I start yanking on clothes, all the while racing back and forth to the window. Katie continues to struggle, and with each thrust of her paws, the ice breaks more and more.  Morgan calls to her, yelling encouragement, and poor Katie takes heart, battling even harder. Desperate, hubby tries to pull an aluminum boat, now full of snow toward the pond. It’s useless.

Katie claws at the ice which has thickened closer to the bank. Dazed and confused, she gets a grip and scrambles up and out of the water. Morgan grabs her and brings her to the house where I wait with a blanket. We place her in front of the gas heater, dry her the best we can and wrap her in heated towels until the violent shivers subside and her coat dries a little.

A horrific ordeal for all of us, and especially our, Katie, but she’s doing fine now, and seems no worse for wear. We’re all just thankful to still have her with us. I hate to think what the outcome could have been. Katie started life as an abandoned and unloved baby on a lone mountain road, but luck was on her side. My oldest daughter found and saved her in the nick of time and brought her to us. She’s a sweet and trusting little soul, and we love her dearly.

Maybe we should have named her LUCKY?

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Elise, a widowed mother, finds attraction in the most unbelievable of forms—a toy store Santa with twinkling blue eyes.

Cade, drawn to mother and child, wars with inner demons from his past. Is his instant and emotional attachment due to the loss of his wife and child?

Both grieve extraordinary past losses. Will a Christmastime miracle heal Elise and Cade’s wounded souls, allowing them a second chance at love?



Excerpt from The Unexpected Gift

Multi-colored lights beckoned Elise. Perched on her hip, her daughter, Jamie,

gurgled with delight. Elise pushed through the doors of Willingham’s Toy Store, and the toddler’s eyes lit with excitement.

They cruised the overstuffed toy aisles. A huge Christmas tree twinkled in the store’s center. Nearing the tree, Elise spotted Santa with a child on his lap. She looked down at her daughter, her heart swelling with emotion. I can actually enjoy Christmas now.

Two long years had passed. She hugged her daughter tightly. Thanks to her precious gift, life moved forward in its never-ending circle.

Elise stepped into the long line and waited. When it came their turn, she moved near Santa’s chair. Her gaze locked with the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. He smiled and took Jamie onto his lap.

“What would you like from Santa this year, little lady?” he crooned.

Jamie grinned, jutted out her two tiny lower teeth, and gazed up at him through

innocent brown eyes. Drool spiraled from her mouth, dampening his hands.

“Ba-be,” she babbled.

Elise laughed, and her daughter joined in. Jamie’s tiny arms crossed. She imitated a mother rocking her child.

“She wants a baby doll,” Elise explained. “Also a couple puzzles and a few fairytales. Jamie loves it when I read to her.”

Jamie clapped her hands, giggled, and tugged Santa’s beard.

“Be nice, honey,” Elise scolded. She laughed, reaching for her daughter. “Let’s not

disrobe Santa. We wouldn’t want to traumatize the other children.”

The toy store Santa smiled, and Elise’s breath caught in her throat.

“You may think me forward,” the Santa said, “but I’d love to have coffee with you on my next break.”

Shock shuddered through Elise. She stepped back and scrutinized the Santa. His

eyes held kindness; his smile seemed genuine. What could it hurt to meet with him? She needed to move on with her life and stop hiding. In the coffee shop, they would be safe.

She looked down at Jamie.

“What time is your break?” she asked.

The Santa glanced at his watch, his smile barely visible behind the snow-white beard. “In ten minutes.”

Elise nodded, mesmerized by his twinkling blue eyes. She hefted Jamie on her hipand eased away.

Ten minutes later, doubt heavy in her stomach, she sat in a coffee shop booth.

Reinforcing her hold on a squirming Jamie, she chewed her lip. Never had she acted so rashly before. Why had she agreed to this?

Christmas made her crazy. Why did the lure of a Santa suit and the warm glimmer of his eyes make her feel she could trust this man? Damn, I’m just lonely.

Elise gathered her things, pushed up from the seat, and turned to leave. In her haste, she bumped into a hard chest and looked up. A face like none she’d ever imagined stared down at her. Hauntingly familiar blue eyes twinkled.

The man was no regular Santa; he was Santa extraordinaire. Heat fused throughout her body, tingled to the tips of her toes. She averted her gaze only to glimpse a light furring of hair through the vee of his blue shirt.

Lord above, it’s been a long two years.

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A Thanksgiving to Remember…

No better Thanksgiving could be had, than the one just passed, for me and my family…

The week started rough. Events transpiring that I’d much rather forget than dwell on. I’d cooked off and on for three days in preparation for immediate family.  My husband, children, grandchildren, mom and step-dad, son’s girlfriend and my one and only sweetheart-of-a-brother. Plus I’d babysat his daughter, Madison all week, as the kids were out of school.

On the menu: chicken-n-dressing, a seventeen pound gobbler, ten pounds of creamed potatoes, lol, (seems I can never make enough) green beans, corn, deviled eggs, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, pea salad, a couple chocolate pies and cheesecake. Lots and lots of calories, but oh, so yummy!

Southern Style Cornbread


Scrumptious Chocolate Pie

Delectable Cheesecake


Seventeen pounds of turkey for a hungry crowd


With the holidays come a multitude of emotions for most people. This year was no different. Mom’s been in an uproar for days, with her emotions spiraling from angry to downright depressed. She still wants to celebrate the holidays with her kids, as she should, but her house is small and she and Bill are not in the best of health to try and handle such large gatherings. Things have got to change, and I’m sure, slowly they will. It will be left to us kids to carry on the traditions.

But, lets move on to the good stuff… We enjoyed our meal, and later, the men shot bows in an attempt to sharpen their deer hunting skills, boasting all the while about their hunting escapades and racking the perfect trophy buck. Each man present, putting a twist on his own unique yarn, the tale growing taller and wider with each word spoken. Thought I’d have to put on my boots there for a while to wade through the muck. Teehee.

My brother with one of his buck tales

Anyway…the phone rings, drawing me inside and away from the action. On the other end of the line is my sister informing me that she and her family are dropping by. Add her crew to the mix and the headcount reaches thirty rather quickly. But, that’s okay, as each and every one of them is dear to my heart. It’s a blessing to spend time with family that I rarely get to see.

My house is small, but we had a great time. Brother and sisters reminisced over coffee and dessert, nibbled on leftovers as we talked about our childhood, the hardships we’ve each faced over the past year, and how much stronger those trials have made us all.  Best of all, Mom was finally happy.

Hard work, but well worth the effort just to see her smile, and to be surrounded by the warmth and love that only a family can bring. A wonderful and much needed reminder of how truly blessed I am.

I can only hope that my online friends found themselves ensconced in that same kind of love, those magical moments that can never be replaced or duplicated. Without family, none of us would be the people we are today. And although I’m tired, it’s a contented tired, and I thank God for what matters most. Family!

He or She, How to Choose?



Until the other day and, based on a reviewer’s comment to the differing points of view in Shattered Illusions and Danielle’s Touch, I’d never really given the ‘how I decide’ whose head to crawl into, too much thought. But looking back on my stories, I realized that yes, I do write from the POV of the character with the most to lose, or gain. But how do you choose when the hero and heroine’s loss or gain is equally matched?

While writing Shattered Illusions it was natural to find myself in Cage Sinclair’s head, and to pretty much stay there the entire story. He’d spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and the woman he loved more than life itself had helped to put him there. She’d hidden truths that had cost her dearly, but in the end things aren’t as black and white, or as cut and dried as they seem.

In Danielle’s Touch the heroine struggles with domestic violence issues and a manic, stalking ex-husband, but the hero, Ethan McCord battles demons of his own—loss and grief.

There’s a natural mourning process intertwined with issues of mistrust and doubt for both characters. It only seemed natural to show emotion from both POV’s, and then from the dark and twisted mind of the antagonist. Danielle’s Touch would not have the emotional impact that it does without multiple perspectives.

Another interesting thing I’ve learned is…I enjoy delving into the male psyche and especially that of the bad guy.

Man in Shadows

As a reader, does it bother you to come across a POV shift at a scene or chapter break? And, as a writer, how do you decide? Which POV do you prefer, male or female?

Trailer and buy links for Danielle’s Touch and Shattered Illusions are below. Watch and enjoy!
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