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navigating the Sea of Apps

So far, I’m only up the proverbial creek, and without a paddle, too, never mind making out to open sea…

So me being the consummate professional that I am, three guess as to the first app I downloaded onto my i-pad2. You got it. Farmville. Gimme a break. It was one in the morning and I’d just come off an eight-hour shift and, well. I wanted to see what my farm would look like on the shiny new screen. It was lovely, though it wasn’t quite my farm. Some buildings were missing. Some were no longer completed. My vehicles were no longer upgraded. I don’t know. Weird and disappointing.

I then went to check my email, because it live on email. I couldn’t get Gmail to fully load properly. I tried the i-pad mail client, and it strips all my lovely tags and the option of putting more than one label on an email. Disappointing. (But it was late. I wasn’t fully functioning. I admit, when I tried again this morning, I think I’ve found a way to have all the functionality of my inbox. Still have to figure out the calendar, tasks, and especially, the chat. Cannot live without my Gmail chat…

Next came Dropbox.

My Dropbox

My dear, wonderful, sanity saving Dropbox.

Free App. One touch downloading, and all my files are now synced from my computer. Can’t do more that read them, since I have no word-processing, yet, but they’re there. Thank you Dropbox. I love you Dropbox. (Yes, false idols, and all, but if you’re a writer who’s ever lost a day’s work to a system crash, you understand my worship of Dropbox)

This morning, it was OneNote, another most important of important tools in my arsenal.

In fact, I wrote this post in OneNote. It’s where I keep the rough draft of all my blog posts. It’s where I keep all the links to reviews, promotions, contests, buy links and everything pertaining to all my released books. It’s where I keep my ideas for my upcoming books. It’s where the schedule for my kids’ extra-curricular activities is. In short, it is that fat, bulging-at-the-seams little black book everyone carried around in the eighties. Found an APP!!!!! As soon as the i-pad’s finished charging, (poor thing. I wore it out already) I shall sync.

My life is beginning to be as mobile as I must be to keep up with day job, kids, and sanity. Hurrah! Folks, if I can do it, anyone can. I mean that. Last night, I almost capitulated when hubs said “If it doesn’t work for you, give it to me.” Almost. Sorry, hubs. Not quite yet.


Coming April 21 to Ravenous Romance


Cupid’s Venom Book Four in the Running In Fear Series

By Trinity Blacio

Coming to Ravenous Romance

Six years of living in a cell sure can be hell on a girl. Not to mention the fact that Cecil Windstream was only sixteen years old when her family was taken away to be experimented on. After escaping, all Cecil wanted to do was die, but unfortunately the snake DNA that had been injected into her wouldn’t let her die, and neither will her mates.

Tug Brimstone was an alpha wolf by nature, but even he wasn’t as powerful as his Remi LeBlathe, their true alpha. Happy to be the new head master in their jointly owned BDSM nightclub, Tug wasn’t looking for anyone, but fate had another plan for him. In less than two days, he finds he has three mates, two who are part snake and wolf, and now he’s tempting fate by injecting snake DNA into his own body so he can mate with them.

Rory Sherwood is mate to Tug Brimstone, Clayton Glands, and Cecil Windstream. How can one tiny female who has been beaten, experimented on, and is a virgin overwhelm him to the point where he forgets his own name, let alone seriously changing his DNA, just so he can mate with her?

Clayton Glands, the muscle behind the National Council of Wolf shifters, has hidden a family secret all his life, but in less than twenty-four hours he has found his mates, exposed his secret, and gained a son.

In a one-week time span, three alpha males Tug, Rory, and Clayton must protect their female from the scientists Cecil had escaped. Not only is her life in danger, but also her son’s, and the future of every shifter around. The war against good and evil is coming to a head and their journey is just part of the story to come.

Lost Post

Today is my day to blog. I ranted about interruptions, ranted about the cost of used vehicles, ranted about not having wheels since November, ranted about all of the above keeping me from writing, and POOF! WordPress glitched and my post is gone!

And no, I didn’t have it in Word. I was in a  hurry. Gah!

Two Jobs I hate!

24- socks Pictures, Images and Photos

I hate to do laundry! Today I started laundry at 8:30 am and I’m still doing laundry. My question to you is there a sock heaven or do sock’s hide from me? Because I swear every time I do laundry I have a pile of socks missing their matches! I’m currently looking at over 12 different socks with no MATCHES!

Maybe the elves or fairies come and steal them to use them? You watch though I’ll do all the laundry, check all the bedrooms and house for these socks and find nothing. So I’ll throw them away, but come next week…they’ll be there! Poof they’ll appear out of no where! If by any chance my socks are hiding at your house would you please tell them to come home before they’re mates are thrown in the freaking garbage!

silverware Pictures, Images and Photos

Second thing I can’t stand dishes, or silverware! You have a sink full of dishes and every time I go to reach in I swear one of them bites me!!! I’m either getting poked by Mr. Fork, cut by Mr. Knife, or Mrs. Spoon’s tip slides under my nail in a very painful way!

Then there is the fact they so don’t want to be cleaned, but I have a secret weapon, the wire brush! Poke me, cut me we’ll see about that! In the end though you could never tell they are worse then me, sigh. I’m the one with the kids band-aides wrapped around one of my fingers till next time!

God give me a dishwasher!


What jobs do you hate to do?

Trinity Blacio

Pen Names: Are there pros & cons?

©2010 Faith Bicknell-Brown

Previously posted early 2010 on the AWH blog (which is now closed).

Pen names, aliases, nom de plumes, pseudonyms, alternate identities…what pitfalls and amenities arise from using them? They serve in giving writers anonymity, but aliases can cause problems for a writer if he’s not careful.

With electronic reader sales and e-book purchases steadily climbing, the perfect pen name is as important as finding the perfect literary agent. Whether it’s the print or e-book world, rest assured, your pen name, if used and promoted effectively, will be recognized.

As the founder of Avoid Writers Hell and its sister site, AWH Chatters, one of the most common questions writers ask me is whether or not to use a pen name. And that question is usually followed by: How do I choose one to reflect who I am as a writer and the material I write?

There are many reasons for using a pseudonym, but writers must carefully weigh the pros and cons of an alias. However, no matter the motivation behind a pen name, a writer must choose something he’s comfortable using and one that’s professional too. Once he shrugs into the coat of an alias, readers know him as that person.

Often one reason for a pen name is when a writer writes more than one genre such as erotic romance and young adult fiction. I know authors who pen both, and they are very careful to keep the two genres and their pseudonyms separate. Erotic romance is a booming market. Penning adult romance stories often causes people to raise eyebrows (oh, stop drooling. You’re getting the pages wet). Sometimes family members, small towns, religious communities, or an employer will frown upon adult fiction. In that case, Jane Doe might write science fiction, but she might also pen erotic romance as Jane D. Smith.

Additionally, I’ve spoken with scores of e-book authors who use aliases because of ex-spouses. The last thing these authors need is an ex causing trouble online as well as in the real world.

There are times a writer might not want anyone to know he writes fiction until he’s well established. I hate to say it, but I’ve encountered people who feel writing isn’t a real job, or, if he isn’t published by a big print publisher, then he’s not a real author. Such viewpoints can make a writer glance heavenward and utter a few warm, fuzzy words, so until he establishes his career, he may choose to use a pen name.

So how do you choose a nom de plume? Well, it depends on what you write and what you want to convey through your writing.

Do you want a name that sounds like a porn star? Sorry, but I had to list that one first. I’ve worked for e-publishers and newsletters, so I’ve seen many pen names that have made me wince or caused me to snort coffee through my nose. Exercise caution and taste when pondering a pseudonym. Cherry Surprises or Boinka Allnight will give editors and readers the wrong impression.

A byline must be easy to remember. Unique is good, but if it’s too unique, then the reader might have trouble remembering your name.

Imagine yourself in the local Barnes and Noble as you’re looking for more books by a great, new author. However, you can’t recall her pen name because it’s so unusual. You approach the store manager and say, “Excuse me? Do you have any books written by What’s Her Name?”


Then, with a pained expression and smoke billowing out of your ears, you concentrate to remember the author’s name, and all the while the clerk wonders if you’re constipated. You then leave the store in a huff and thoroughly embarrassed.

A really long name or one difficult to spell makes it tough for readers to remember too. People use search engines to find information on authors and Hollywood actors all the time, so something catchy yet simple is a plus and easy to Google.

Long names are a pain to fit on a cover, whether on print or e-books. Such names create more work for the cover artists and those who format the fonts. Print magazines and e-zines allow a writer more leeway, which is why I use my full name in non-fiction articles, but I use a pen name or an initial variation of my real name for my e-books.

Another thing to ask yourself is whether or not your name conveys the wrong genre. Take my name, Faith, for example. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word faith? Inspirational? God? The Bible?

It’s sort of like using Strawberry Shortcake as the author name of a horror novel or Genghis Khan for inspirational fiction.

I have three pseudonyms I use for my erotic romances, depending on sub-genre and category. If you’re an aspiring author or desire to break into another genre, remember the more pen names you have, the harder it is to promote them and to find the time to promote them. If you have two or more pen names and need the anonymity of each, then there are obstacles a writer must address and manage.

  • You’ll need a website for each name.

If you’re able to hire a web designer and pay for domain names and website services, that’s great, but most writers have day jobs and families, and therefore tight budgets. WordPress is a blog site that offers excellent free (and premium) web services. If you opt to use the free version, choose a template, then find a friend who can whip up a static page, a matching banner, and an email signature banner. Another method of avoiding extra expenses caused by multiple pen names is to find someone who will swap services with you.

A good friend of mine designs static pages and banners for me, and I repay her by sending her books from her wish list. And since she’s halfway around the world from me, this system works well because we avoid the headache of customs and the money exchange rates for monetary payments. I just go to her wish list, select what she wants, and send it to her.

  • Juggling alternate email accounts is as difficult as managing several websites.

If you must keep your pen names quiet, maintaining more than one email account will force you to gnaw on your keyboard into confetti. This walks hand in hand with handling more than one website. An author must be careful where he posts; otherwise, there is always that person or two who will notice the slip-up in email addresses and blab about it to the cyber world.

  • Keeping your identity safe when you have to promote on groups and forums is difficult.

Writers haunt groups and loops such as Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, and the thousands of private forums in cyberspace. These are the worst places for a writer to slip up by revealing their pseudonym(s) via posting from the wrong site with the wrong email address or ID. If your anonymity is of the utmost importance, be careful!

Another problem of multiple aliases is others with alternate IDs.

Did that make you pause? It should.

As much as we like to believe we’re safe online, many groups and forums have trolls and members with egos that will fit inside your Aunt Gertrude’s size 54 muumuu. And when new or aspiring authors are all competing for acceptances from the same publishers, jealousy will rear its head.

My rule of thumb as an author is to avoid most of these circles. If you must participate in them, lurk for a few weeks. Watch IDs that seem like trolls. Bear in mind these are communities of struggling authors, so the e-publishing world is dog-eat-dog. If you’re attacked online by author John Doe, who goes out of his way to slam your work, stop and consider that he might also be Jack Deere who hangs with you at your favorite forum. An online brawl is not only unprofessional (watch out for that beer bottle!), but it can follow an author all over cyberspace. If you find yourself in a situation where you must defend your work, choose your words wisely so you’re not accused of unprofessional conduct. Such fiascos can ruin an author’s name and kill book sales.

You never know who you might be talking to online. Authors use more than one pen name, and you might find one of them in the office cubicle next to yours (no one likes an office catfight…well maybe me).

  • In order to promote on blog or interviews sites, you often must reveal your true identity.

I’m a firm believer of watching sites and reading their material for several days or weeks before approaching them for blog or interview spots. Sometimes an author must supply factual information. Do you trust those who run the site to keep your pen name quiet? Most places keep such information confidential, but occasionally problems do arise, so be wary.

  • Unless you’re open about your pen names, your reader base won’t be able to find your other titles.

Again, writers have various reasons for using pen names, but should you want your readers to buy your material published under other pseudonyms, you have no choice but to reveal your identity. Using different names requires the author to build individual reader bases. Do you want to do all that work for each name? Do you have the time? Can you hire someone to do it for you?

Ask yourself this: How much time will multiple pen names take away from my actual writing time?

Think it over, choose one, maybe two, and concentrate on those. With dedication, professionalism, and hard work, your readership will grow.

A True Christmas Miracle

Christmas is over, thank God!

The Good Lord saw fit to help us out and we were able to provide a decent Christmas for the kids. It wasn’t nearly as lavish as I know some folks had, but it was nice, and I’m very relieved for the blessing.

The highlight of my Christmas? Well, my oldest has returned home. We’ve had so many problems with him, worried ourselves sick about the crowd he was running with, the people he was living with, and all the trouble he’d gotten himself into. I prayed about him until I felt myself turning blue, lol.

On Thanksgiving Day, I noticed a change in my son, but I didn’t get excited about it because he’s prone to doing one thing for a short time and reverting back to old ways within a coupla days. Well, he started calling more—just to talk, and he starting stopping by more and was paying attention to his siblings too, spending not a few minutes but big blocks of time like three to four hours before going home or going into work.

Finally, he took me Christmas shopping one evening, took me out for my birthday and took me to a movie. We had a wonderful time together!

And then he came in Christmas Eve and I opened my gift from him. My mouth dropped open. There, in a beautiful satin case, lay a sapphire and diamond teardrop pendant—a big one!

His job at the coalmine has turned into a promotion to a better division. We talked a long time, and he realizes everything myself and the rest of the family were trying to tell him was all true. He got involved in drugs and something happened that shook him so badly he had an epiphany that struck him so hard it rattled him right down to his very soul.

My son is back. My son is home where the heart is.

That was my real Christmas present and the Christmas miracle for the entire family.

It’s my belief the New Year will be just as special.

Who Needs A Vacation From Christmas?

Hello I’m in panic mode here even though I’m ready to fall asleep. I have two short stories to finish and a novel! Not to mention I have my family and husbands family all coming here on Christmas Eve for dinner. I think we should all rent a room in one of those four star hotels after Christmas and order massages then sleep for a week!

I was talking to Faith today and I realized that if I didn’t have this madness I would be bored to death. I don’t know why it is, but if I don’t have at least three things going on at one time I’m bored out of my mind! I might complain, stomp and scream, but it keeps me young at heart. It doesn’t keep old age  from kicking my butt with ache’s and pains though.

So what am  I up to these days! I have two new releases up now at Ravenous Romance. The first a Christmas novel, The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men.


Now at All Romance Ebooks.


Ravenous Romance

The Second book is a Christmas Anthology at Ravenous Romance Called All I Want For Christmas Is Two Hot Men!


I hope every one of you have a great Christmas even among the madness!