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Writing a Pre-Story When the Charcter Won’t Shut Up!

You would think writing a pre-story would be easy, especially when the first original story is already done. Well it’s not!  Writing Remi’s story took many hours on how on I wanted to portray him before the book actual begins.

Then, I had Remi yelling in my head, “Don’t tell them that! What are you doing to me?” The whole time I wrote the piece he nagged. Yes, big bad man can nag just like anyone else.  And here I thought my gender was bad.

I remember writing the one part where Remi comforts the woman he’s about to screw, boy did he go off. He didn’t want anyone knowing he can be a big teddy bear. Oh no, he wanted it hard, fast, and sweaty. Now I don’t mind writing that, but I knew in my heart Remi was more, especially when it came to the opposite sex.

The fight scene was a piece of cake to type. I mean, what guy doesn’t know how to describe a fight?  Matter of fact, I had to cut some of it. Remi has this tendency to go into gory details, and I, for one, didn’t want that in a romance story.  Some such descriptions are fine, but please go easy on blood oozing here and there.

So, be warned, when writing a pre-story and your character is already roaming in your head, there will be no peace.