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Our Books

This is only a small portion of our books. To find out more about a particular author and her work, click the appropriate link(s) below.

F.L. Bicknell (also Molly Diamond) (under construction and

Visit Passion in, Silver, Sapphire Nights and Breathless to buy direct from my publisher. Also all books available at most e-book destributors from and then some. The Darkness of Sable also available in print at and


Debbie Gould

Visit Red Rose Publishing or Freyas Bower also all books are available at, Fictionwise and Amazon.





Lisa Alexander-Griffin

Griffin_DaniellesTouchfront.jpg Danielle's Touch image by destinyschoice8
ShatteredIllusions_432.jpg Shattered Illusions image by destinyschoice8





Titles available at: Passion in Print /Pink Petal Books / and many other distributors.


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