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navigating the Sea of Apps

So far, I’m only up the proverbial creek, and without a paddle, too, never mind making out to open sea…

So me being the consummate professional that I am, three guess as to the first app I downloaded onto my i-pad2. You got it. Farmville. Gimme a break. It was one in the morning and I’d just come off an eight-hour shift and, well. I wanted to see what my farm would look like on the shiny new screen. It was lovely, though it wasn’t quite my farm. Some buildings were missing. Some were no longer completed. My vehicles were no longer upgraded. I don’t know. Weird and disappointing.

I then went to check my email, because it live on email. I couldn’t get Gmail to fully load properly. I tried the i-pad mail client, and it strips all my lovely tags and the option of putting more than one label on an email. Disappointing. (But it was late. I wasn’t fully functioning. I admit, when I tried again this morning, I think I’ve found a way to have all the functionality of my inbox. Still have to figure out the calendar, tasks, and especially, the chat. Cannot live without my Gmail chat…

Next came Dropbox.

My Dropbox

My dear, wonderful, sanity saving Dropbox.

Free App. One touch downloading, and all my files are now synced from my computer. Can’t do more that read them, since I have no word-processing, yet, but they’re there. Thank you Dropbox. I love you Dropbox. (Yes, false idols, and all, but if you’re a writer who’s ever lost a day’s work to a system crash, you understand my worship of Dropbox)

This morning, it was OneNote, another most important of important tools in my arsenal.

In fact, I wrote this post in OneNote. It’s where I keep the rough draft of all my blog posts. It’s where I keep all the links to reviews, promotions, contests, buy links and everything pertaining to all my released books. It’s where I keep my ideas for my upcoming books. It’s where the schedule for my kids’ extra-curricular activities is. In short, it is that fat, bulging-at-the-seams little black book everyone carried around in the eighties. Found an APP!!!!! As soon as the i-pad’s finished charging, (poor thing. I wore it out already) I shall sync.

My life is beginning to be as mobile as I must be to keep up with day job, kids, and sanity. Hurrah! Folks, if I can do it, anyone can. I mean that. Last night, I almost capitulated when hubs said “If it doesn’t work for you, give it to me.” Almost. Sorry, hubs. Not quite yet.


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