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Santa’s Elf: Nearing the end!

I know, I know. I keep saying that. But I mean it this time. In fact, this could be the last installment. It all depends on what you all thing I should do next : So let me know!!!

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“I said…” Kriss took in another deep breath and looked Jack in the eye. “I’m an elf.”

“An elf.”

“I’m not crazy.”

“And I’m Santa.”

“Technically, there is no Santa.”

“No shit.”

“There are workshops. Foremen. Workers.”

“And elves.”

Kriss felt his face heat, right to the tips of his ears that seemed to grow points to accommodate the growing embarrassment. “You see why I thought telling you I had amnesia would be easier to believe.”

“You don’t really expect me to believe this?”

Kriss sighed and sank to the welcoming cushions. “I don’t know. If I were to be completely truthful, I’m not even an elf. I’m an elf’s construct.”

“How is this getting easier for me to believe?”

“It isn’t.” Kriss leaned his elbows on his knees and rubbed hard at his palms. “How it works is that the old man takes the wishes, sorts them out, hands out assignments to his elves and they make us. We’re supposed to go out into the world and fulfill these wishes. We have a year to do it.”

“And, let’s just assume I believe any of this, what happens after a year if you haven’t fulfilled your assignment?”

“I’m deprogrammed.”

“You get another assignment?”

“Something like that.” Kriss didn’t bother to explain the difference between deprogrammed and re programmed.

For a long minute, Jack just stood over him, watching him. Kriss didn’t dare meet his eye. He knew how insane his story sounded.

“The craziest part is,” Jack whispered, that I want to believe you.”

“After all the kindness you’ve shown me, do you really think I would lie to you?”

“I don’t even know you. I know Michael found you on the street.”

“Actually, he found me volunteering in the soup kitchen. He only found out the I didn’t have a home later. After we…” Kriss hung his head. “I never wanted him to know, never expected him to help me like his did.”

“What about falling in love with you? Did you expect that?”

Kriss shook his head, his gaze still fixed on the floor. “I didn’t expect to love him, either. It just happened.”

“And Cody?”

Kriss pulled his wallet from his back pocket and pulled out a well-worn piece of paper. He unfolded it and handed it to Jack. “This was the only thing in my wallet when I came here last winter. After I left Cody.” He bit his lip and the sharp pain made his eyes water. “After I forgot him.”

Jack took the paper from him and read it aloud.  I want someone  to understand.

The couch bounced slightly as he plopped down beside Kriss. “Fuck me,” he muttered.

“What?” Kriss glanced at him to find most of the colour had drained from the other man’s face.

Jack just shook his head and fished out his own wallet. He removed a much-creased piece of lined paper and held it like it might bite him.

“That accident I told you about.”


“Cody was fifteen. I was seventeen. It was about three weeks before Christmas. I saw him write that note, you know. Saw him deliver it to the mall, like he thought it actually might work.” Jack shook his head. “I realized then what an ass I’d been.” He smiled ruefully. “And I wrote my own note. I always meant to tuck it into his stocking, or something. I did.” Blinking hard didn’t seem to alleviate the glassy look in his eyes. “The accident happened. Everything went tits up. I never got a chance to show him…to tell him. And he left.”

“When he was fifteen?”

“Day after he turned sixteen, actually. He went to live with our aunt for a while. Came back to visit once in a while, but…it was never…we never…” He shook his head and Kriss had to reach out, place his own hand over Jack’s shaking fingers. “I never told him that I did understand. That I didn’t care hew as gay, or any of that. I let him go, let him be angry and think we didn’t care.”

“But you do,” Kriss said softly.

Jack nodded.

“Then tell him when he comes home. Talk to him.” Kriss took a deep breath, swallowed his fears and smiled. “Ask him about last Christmas. If you want, you can tell him where to find me.” He stood and Jack hurried to follow him to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?”



“No, Jack, this is how it should be. I came here to make sure you and you family healed. That was my assignment all along, and hopefully, I’ve done that. If I haven’t, I don’t want Cody to go through losing me again. If I have, you can send him to my house tomorrow and I’ll be there.”

Jack nodded, looked thoughtfully at the note in his hand before holding it out for Kriss. “Then maybe this is for you.”

Kriss took it, opened it, and read.

I understand. I’ll always be here for you. No matter what.

He smiled and looked up at his friend. “Thank you.”

Back in the tiny house he’d shared with Michel for the past months, Cody found it easier to breathe, to open the curtains and let in the bright, Christmas Eve sunshine. He’d done his best. If it was enough, Cody would come to him this time. If it wasn’t…He sighed and went to the kitchen. He was starved. In his experience, being hungry was only a pre-curser to better things.







7 responses

  1. Sylvie

    Another magnifiscent instalment of this story. I love it. Will you publish it when its finished?

    April 12, 2011 at 5:15

  2. jaimesamms

    I do intend to see if I can find a way to consolidate and offer it for free download once it`s all done. I`ll keep you posted! I`m glad you`re enjoying it. Thanks for commenting


    April 12, 2011 at 5:15

  3. I’m beginning to have hope for Corey and Kriss now.
    Can’t wait for the next installment.

    April 14, 2011 at 5:15

    • jaimesamms

      Soon, Carol. And I think it will be the last, too. But I’ve said that before… I do think Cody and Kriss belong together.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading 🙂

      April 14, 2011 at 5:15

  4. Brenda (b)

    I love this blog story, it’s terrific. Please don’t let this be the end, Kriss and Cody need a HEA.

    April 15, 2011 at 5:15

    • jaimesamms

      I fully intend to give them some sort of closure, Brenda. Thanks so very much for reading along 🙂

      April 16, 2011 at 5:15

  5. Tame Anna

    This is such a beautiful story!! I’m still rooting for Cody & Kriss 🙂

    May 1, 2011 at 5:15

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